My wife and I spent 9 months traveling through Europe with the help of the International Theatre Institute. When we returned to the U.S. we decided to spend some time in New York. We both found work at Ray Diffen's Costume House, then I moved to the Metropolitan Opera to work as a scenic artist. During the 8 years we were living in New York I spent most of my time painting sets for the Met, the N.Y. City Opera and Ballet, and Broadway (at Nolan's Scenic Studio in Brooklyn). Also had the opportunity to assist Jo Meilziner on two shows (FATHER'S DAY and LOVE ME, LOVE MY CHILDREN). The latter show was off Broadway and I also designed the lighting. My Broadway debut was LADIES NIGHT, but closed before it opened. I did two other off-Broadway shows: TONIGHT IN LIVING COLOR and THE OFAY WATCHER. My final show in New York was the Broadway revival of OH! CALCUTTA and its National Tour.

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